Digital and Sublimation Printing


We pride ourselves on our premium quality and innovative professional on field sportswear as well as off field team sportswear, based on exceptional fabrics and fit all backed by a "100% Toughness Guarantee" on all gear.

Advanced Promotional Clothing can supply custom team gear, you can choose from our standard designs or have our in house designers come up with a unique look just for your team. We can also supply matching accessories in your team or school colours.


Digital Printing

At Advanced Promotional Clothing we really like innovation. Whether it be new fabrics, hot fashion trends or a even just a new way to print a t-shirt, if it’s radical and fresh we want to get involved.  The new developments in digital garment printing are something that we have been getting excited about lately.  There are a few companies in Australia who are currently offering direct to garment printing as part of their service so we wanted to give them a special mention here on our printers page along with a bit more information on direct to garment printing and how it could work for your business.

Why choose direct to garment digital printing over screen print?
Digital printing is ideal for small runs or one-off printing as the set-up costs are much lower than traditional screen printing.  It’s ideal for small sample runs and printing shirts to order, photo based prints also look amazing in digital.  The feel of a digital print is very fine and soft as the ink sets right into the garment rather than sitting on top like a screen print.
What kind of garments can I print on?
Direct to garment printing will work on any fabric with at least 50% cotton, including tote bags, denim and babies wear. Because digital garment printing uses inkjet technology the print heads do not touch the fabric which means you can print over seams, pockets and zips with ease.  Of course, AS Colours fine cotton t-shirts print better than most on a direct to garment printer.

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